Negra Presuntuosa

Negra Presuntuosa* Pretentious Black Girl
Andres Soto – Peru
Algo de mí se ha perdido
entre tu casa y mi casa,
será el calor que no abraza,
no es de gozo, no es de ira,
como tampoco es mentira
que algo de ti se ha escondido
entre tu calle y mi alma.

Será tal vez la esperanza
o el cariño adormecido.
Yo sabré reír,
yo sabré llorar,
yo sabré entregarte mi cariño,

negra que te quiero,
Goza – negra presuntuosa,
Mira –  que me estoy muriendo,
Dame – vida de tu boca,
Boca –
Que me está pisando
los talones de la libertad.

*This is an Afro-Peruvian “landó”

Something of mine has been lost
Between your house and mine
Could it be the heat that doesn’t embrace?
It isn’t from joy, nor from anger
Nor is it a lie
That something of yours is hidden
Between your street and my soul.

Maybe it’s the hope
Of a love that is dormant
I’ll know how to laugh
I’ll know how to cry
I’ll know how to give you my affection.

Black girl
Black girl, I love you
Enjoy – pretentious black girl
Look – I’m dying
Give me – Life from your mouth
Mouth –
You’re stepping on the heels of my

*It’s important to note that in in Latin American countries the expression “mi negra” is often used by a lover or a spouse with an affectionate or loving tone. “Negra” is used to describe any women of color.