Tonada de la Luna Llena

Tonada de la Luna Llena Tonada* of the Full Moon
Simon Diaz -Venezuela
Yo vide una garza mora
Dandole combate a un rio
Asi es como se enamora
Tu corazon con el mio

Luna luna luna llena

Anda muchacho a la casa
Y me traes la carabina jiooo
Pa mata este gavilan
Que no me deja gallina

La luna me esta mirando
Yo no se lo que me ve
Yo tengo la ropa limpia
Ayer tarde la lave

Luna luna luna llena

Nube de Agua

I saw a brown heron
struggling (giving combat) in a river
That’s how your heart
falls in love with mine

Moon, moon, full moon

Go to the house, boy!
And bring me the shotgun. EEoh
To kill this hawk
That doesn’t leave me one chicken

The moon is looking at me
I don’t know what it sees
I’m wearing clean clothes
I washed them yesterday afternoon.

Moon, moon, full moon.
Moon, moon, full moon.

(names of cows:)

Little Carnation,
Little Light,
Cloud of Water.

*A tonada is considered an old “working song” from Venezuela. In this case, a song sung as one milked the cows. Simon Diaz is recognized as the musician who collected it.